We are committed to achieving excellent product and process quality owing to our strong focus on the use of TQM & Six Sigma tools. Realizing the need to be competitive in today’s economy Bhabani Pigments believes in developing and sustaining long-term supplier relationships with its customers.

Therefore, we strive to make continuous improvements in quality based on feedback given by our customers. The need to inculcate the philosophy of Customer Driven Quality Management throughout our organization has been the top priority since our inception.

We understand that every operating decision in every functional area should be made with respect to safety, quality and cost in that order. Our endeavor is to supply to our customers a product that consistently meets their requirements in a timely fashion.

Quality Control

Routine Tests

Purity of CPC
- By Gravimetric Method

Moisture Content

pH and Conductivity of 2% aqueous extract of pigment in water

Foreign Matter (Residue on 325 Mesh)
- Silica
- Iron
- Fibrous Matter

Leach Tests
- Acidic Solution
- Alkaline Solution

Type Tests

Strength of CPC in Tint Tone compared to a standard sample

Particle Size Analysis & Specific Surface Area

Phthalamide Content

PCB Content

Heavy Metal Content

Residual Solvent Content

Technology: R&D

We believe in continual innovation to make manufacturing more cost efficient and eco-friendly. We also have programs which focus on continuous product development & up-gradation. We have a team of dedicated R&D experts which help in giving us breakthroughs to keep us ahead of the market.

Setting up of Pilot Plant: All new processes are studied on lab scale & changes in operating parameters are verified before commercializing them on plant scale.

Periodic Literature Surveys: Depute professional bodies to collect and assimilate new data and technology in our plant.

Visits to customers Plants: To study their specific requirements and incorporate changes in process in order to meet them.

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