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We at Bhabani Pigments have invested substantially in evironment management systems since we consider it our social responsibility to do our best in order to help in avoiding its degradation. Suitably we have tried to address all possible areas of concern relating to air, water & noise pollution.

The company through its constant endeavors in R&D has developed cleaner technologies owing to which the water pollution has been reduced to less than half of the industrial average. We strongly believe that effluent has to be controlled at its point of generation as opposed to treating massive quantities. In addition, a majority of the treated water from our ETP is recycled back into the plant by using simulated recycle water management systems which are unique to us.

We have installed propriety wet scrubbers and have introduced primary, secondary and tertiary treatments of liquid industrial waste which are unique to us. All our packing machines are fitted with ventilation hoods to minimize the nuisance of dust and to promote a cleaner work environment for our workers.

Wind Mills in Dhule, Maharashtra, Satta, Rajasthan and Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Internationally, serious efforts are being made in order to reduce global warming and its harmful effects. Climate change is now a real threat to the existence of various eco-systems and to the future of mankind. Realizing the above we have endeavored to promote Green Energy by setting up 10 MW of wind energy in the states of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu & Rajashthan. We look at this as our way of contributing to creating a more sustainable, greener tomorrow. Our wind mills are located in backward & under-developed regions of the states. Therefore, it provides numerous opportunities of employment to its under-privileged residents and helps in the overall upgradation of the regions..

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